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If you have concerns about the availability of Bennett Park due
to inclement weather, you can always check the Canterbury Council Hotline on: 9718 7666 Remember that the ground is not to be used for either training or any games if Canterbury Council has closed the ground.

When checking with the Canterbury Council Wet Weather line and it mentions parks are closed please do not presume your game has been cancelled. The Canterbury Districts Football Association (CDSFA) is borded by several councils. We implore you check with your Coach & Manager (who will be notified by our Clubs Secretary) prior to the weekend game when we have had inclement weather

If Bennett Park is closed, we will always endeavour to let you know ASAP through our web site and email.

Wet Weather Guide

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Coaching Updates


The Coaching Updates conducted by Football NSW are being conducted in two regions of the Association. The first was conducted at Campbell Park on 13th May and the next is this coming Wednesday (10th June) evening at Beaman Park (HPW end) designed to cater for those in the Southern areas of the Association.

Whilst we have set up these two in different areas it does not preclude anyone from attending either of the sessions. We ecourage coaches to attend and gain more information about coaching footballers.

Coach Update –

Wednesday 10th June 2015 @ Beaman Park [Hurlstone Park FC] – 6pm (start) to 8pm
The Coach Update session will be made up of two components:
1. Skills Training/Acquisition Phase: 6 – 7pm
2. Game Training Phase: 7 – 8pm


Girls Football Development linic


Learn from W-League and Australian representative players.

Sport and Recreation is once again excited to announce the next Girls Football/Soccer Development Clinic in Dulwich Hill in the upcoming July school holidays.

Each clinic is available to girls looking to gain some extra tips to improve their skills and ability on the football field. The clinic in week one is available for girls aged 12 to 15 years and week two for 8 to 11 year old girls.

A selection from the following current W-League players will be conducting the two day clinics in July:

Melissa Caceres: Sydney FC player having represented the Australian under-20 side

Rhianna Pollicina:Western Sydney Wanderers player and former Australian under-17s team

Olivia Price: Sydney FC player and current Captain of Australian Matildas under-20s team

Lorena Bugden: Western Sydney Wanderers player & former NSW Girls All Schools who has also played in Spain

Renee Rollason: Sydney FC player and most W-League appearances from current players; Game Development Officer for Football NSW

Jess Urquhart: Western Sydney Wanderers goalkeeper.

The cost is still only $45per person and runs from 9am to 12pm each clinic day.



Clinic locations and details:
- Arlington Reserve, Williams Parade, Dulwich Hill on 1st and 2nd July 2015 For 12 to 15 years
- Arlington Reserve, Williams Parade, Dulwich Hill on 8th and 9th July 2015 For 8 to 11 years

* Please note: All participants can choose to have their photos or selfies taken with the W-League players and obtain their autographs at the completion of each clinic.

Please visit our website for clinic details via

Dulwich Hill 12 to 15 years click here

Dulwich Hill 8 to 11 years click here

If you are interested or know somebody that may benefit from attending this clinic, it is not too late to make your booking. Attached is an enrolment form to help you out as bookings are essential.Forward all completed enrolment forms by fax or scanned email to me direct.

Alternatively if you wish to enrol over the phone please call 13 13 02 during office hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You may also use our Online Application to through the provided link above.


Enrollment Form


On behalf of the Roselands Football Community I express our deepest Condolences to Maria Gissing and her family on the passing of Maria’s mother Patricia McCarney.

Imad Alameddine

2015 Registrations

2015 Registrations


For more information go to the registration page or click here

Message from CDSFA

Dear Colleagues,

This morning the office has been processing reports to deal with cautions and send off’s that occurred in the opening round of the 2015 season.

In amongst the reports is an incident report by an assistant referee that touches upon a matter involving an on-field scuffle between two players in the back play of a game.

The report indicates that players who were on the bench for their respective, intervened in the incident taking place on the field for the purpose of separating the two players who were involved in the scuffle.

While the intention of the bench from both clubs was to stop the two players from misbehaving and being physically aggressive towards each other, the conduct actually breaches the Association’s zero tolerance policy.

The action in bench players entering the field of play may have caused the game the game to have been abandoned. Very luckily in this case, the match official did not abandon the game, however, the match official would have been within their right to do so.

The policy of the CDSFA is very clear. Where a game is abandoned as a result of violence and a team or teams are found guilty of causing the match to be abandoned, then the team or teams will be suspended from the competition for the balance of the season.

Improper conduct by players and/or spectators which results in a pitch invasion and precipitates violence carries a very harsh penalty.

Ian Holmes
Chief Executive &
Executive Director.

CDSFA Message

1. No card – No Play.
This matter has already been touched upon in an email arising from adults attempting to persuade Junior Referees to allow players to take the field when they do not have ID Cards. It is important for managers, coaches (and in some cases parents) not to approach junior referees with the intent of trying to get the young match official to disobey an instruction from both the CDSFA and CDSRA. The rule, which was instituted by the member clubs is very clear.

2. No Match Official (Referee) in attendance at a fixture.

In circumstances where there is no appointed member by the CDSRA in attendance at a match, both teams must agree on one person to referee the entire game.

When any two teams are unable to decide on a suitable substitute referee they are required to complete the match sheet details, recording on the sheet that the match was not played due to there being no agreement on a suitable person to referee the game. The match sheet is to be returned to the CDSFA as it would be for any normal game which took place. Both clubs are then required to lodge within 48 hours of when the match had been set down to play an explanation detailing why an agreement could not be reached. The fixtures committee will then decide what is to take place.

As a note of caution to clubs, the fixtures committee has already dealt with one case this year and has decided the game will not be rescheduled and no points were awarded to either team.

3. Do Player ID cards have to be shown to a substitute Referee?

The simple answer to this is yes. A team must provide their ID cards for viewing where a substitute referee is appointed because no CDSRA member was appointed to the game or failed to attend a match appointment. The substitute referee has the same standing as a match official.

4. What happens if there are no assistant referees (Linespersons)?

The rules are clear. Where there is no assistant referee in attendance at a match, each club should supply a person to act as an assistant referee for the entire match. Young minors (13 years and under) should not be given this role. The Association has already received a report of a seven (7) year old running a line in an Under 13 fixture.

5. What happens if two teams have similar colour playing strip?

The rules require where the playing shirts of the competing teams are similar, in the opinion of the referee, then the home team (the first mentioned team on the draw) must change their shirts to a contrasting colour.

6. Persons allowed inside the ropes

Only coaches and managers who have and display their current Association ID Card are permitted inside the ropes and are confined to the technical area. There are only a maximum of two (2) team officials per team allowed inside the rope at any one time.

In terms of players, the only players allowed inside the ropes are those who are listed on the playing sheet as substitute players and who are in playing strip for the purpose of being engaged in the game.

7. Ground Officials

Each club is required to provide at least one ground official for each of its home fields that is being played upon. Where a match is played at a neutral ground, both teams (Clubs) are required to provide a ground official.

Each Club Ground Official must be clearly visible and identified as a ground official.

8. Starting Times of Matches

Matches should start on time. Where a match does start late, the Referee may shorten the total match time to avoid delaying the start of subsequent matches. The match may be shortened only to the extent that it starts late, and must still be played in two equal halves. As an example, if a match starts ten minutes late, then the referee should shorten the game by 5 minutes each half.


Becoming a referee read all about it here

Girl Referees

The CDSFA is the second fastest growing Association in Sydney in terms of female participation in football.
We need to also start to increase female referee (officiating) numbers. This helps grow our game and benefits both male and female teams.

2015 Judiciary, Disciplinary & Appeals Regulations

The Board of Directors confirmed an update of the Judiciary, Disciplinary & Appeals Regulations at their January meeting. These amendments to the regulations are to be applied from this date forward and into the 2015 Winter football season.

It should be noted the alterations made largely impact the minimum sentences to be applied for offences by players, coaches, etc. In particular the penalties for the abuse of, gesturing at, and threatening of match officials are of a more significant nature from previous seasons.

The update has been done in consultation with the regulations and penalties that are applied to community teams that also are entered into competitions hosted by the State body (i.e. State Cups and Champion of Champions).

Please refer to attachment

Goal Keeping Courses

As part of the Coach Education delivery program in 2015, the Association will host two courses for goalkeeping coaches in May.

The first course to be conducted will be the Goalkeeping Certificate Course in early May, followed by the Goalkeeping Licence Course a few weeks later. To note, those wishing to participate in the GK Licence course must first have completed and been deemed competent at a GK Certificate course.

Each of the courses will be conducted by James Rankine, a senior FNSW coaching course presenter & specialist in GK courses.

Goalkeeping Certificate
Course Link: Click Here
Friday’s 1st & 8th May @ Pratten Park

Goalkeeping Licence Course
Course Link: Click Here
** Must have completed the GK Certificate to progress to the GK Licence course.
Friday’s 22nd & 29th May @ Pratten Park

Current CDSFA members need only lodge a $50.00 deposit (refundable upon completion) while non-members incur the full charge of $70.00.

MiniRoos Information - U/6 to U/11 (formerly SSF)

To view the MiniRoos website which contains all relevant information to the conduct of small sided football games please click here.

MiniRoos is the name given to the type of modified football played by children in the Under 6 to Under 11 ages (formally known just as Small Sided Football).

Play in these ages will be non-competitive with the children engaging in football rounds for the duration of the season culminating with a "presetnation round" whereby all participants receive their season medallion from the Association.

To view additional resource information on the conduct of football games you may also wish to view the Football NSW Resource section by clicking here.

Canteen Volunteers

The canteen is our source of fund raising for our club; and it also provides you all with much needed refreshments and food on those cold windy days.

In order for the canteen to stay open, we need volunteers to set up the BBQ, cooking and serving at the canteen. We only need 2 in the canteen and 2 on the BBQ at any given hour. This means your team can decide which 4 parents will give up as little as an hour before your child’s game. You are here for warm up before the game anyway. The job has been made quite easy, as all items are labelled with prices and there is always someone there who has done it before. So do not fear!…there is always someone there for support!

So, please check your email every week and forward the roster to your team members please. I look forward to meeting all you lovely parents. We can work together to keep our canteen going. Thanks soooo much to those who already invest their time in our club. A great role model for our children!


Kareena Wunderlich

Message from CDSFA President

Dear Colleagues:

During this season the CDSFA has promoted and emphasised the role football plays in our local community and the health benefits and life skills our young players learn from their involvement and participation in the game. This is also the case for adult and mature age players who the member clubs and the CDSFA provide competitions for.

There is much to be gained from being part of football at the community level, whatever role one plays.

Regrettably, there are occasions when behaviour of an anti-social and unsporting nature arises and threatens the fabric of the game. The relatively peaceful albeit highly competitive football pitches become a battle ground for actions and conduct which have no place in our game and are counter to the spirit of sport.

Most recently we have had a number of incidents involving spectators, team officials and players that have cast a shadow over a small number of individuals involved.

There have been incidents where complaints of abuse, mainly directed at Referees and Opposition Coaches have been lodged. Likewise, players have also been guilty of misbehaviour as have spectators.

Since 2006 the member clubs have worked constructively with the CDSFA to eradicate from our game the disorderly element which threatens to spoil the experience for the overwhelming majority. As much as the CDSFA understands the competitiveness which arises in football, it cannot be at the expense of fair play and respect for the game, the clubs, match officials and players.

So, with that in mind, on behalf of the CDSFA Executive Committee, it is asked of everyone attending games over the next three weeks to please remember why they attend games and to be mindful of their conduct.

It would be appreciated if you could circulate this email widely throughout your club.


Ian Holmes

Important Information

Important information from Association Competition secretary:-

2014 Striker



Closing Date Every Tuesday 9:00pm

Please Note: Late Reports received after the publishing date will be published in the following weeks report. i.e late round 5 reports will be in round 6 striker(following edition).

...across all grades and ages we'd greatly appreciate all teams having a match report submitted. It takes just a few minutes and is enjoyed by most players and parents. With so many teams trying so hard to break into a winning run and others overcoming all sorts of difficulties, many people read all the match reports. Keep them coming and if you feel it appropriate to share the workload around, that's ok, but we do ask that this be organised through your manager.

Then refer to your teams coach or manager, chances are that they haven't submitted one yet. It's very simple to do... go to our home page, click on "Match report"... and fill in the blanks!!

Sydney FC Membership

Become a Sydney FC member....

Broooks Radio and TV

Thank you to Steve from Brooks Radio and TV Service for the excellent
service he offered and supplied to our Clubhouse. Please consider contacting
Steve when your require Specialists in the field of Radio and TV on
97596363, review the card attached.

Welcome to our new 2014 Sponsors

F&V Hairdressing-Roselands 97593277

Cheesecake World-Belmore 97505080

Barfabear-Beverly Hills &

Mamabear-Roselands Child Care Centre

Joinery Group-Condell Park


Call us today and mention “Roselands Raptors” and receive our sponsorship discount rate when you next sell or manage your investment property with Benchmark National Beverly Hills.
“Look for our signs – they’re everywhere”

Michael Daher

Phone: (02) 9579 6355

Mobile: 0405 631 751


Address: 526b King Georges Road Beverly Hills NSW 2209


Soccer City Great Offer

Soccer City would like to offer all players registering for 2014 a 10% discount off our range of boots and shinpads. We currently have a large selection of mens and kids boots and shinpads in stock. We also have a limited range of old model boots at 20% off (sizes and styles are limited). Head instore to 418 Stoney Creek Road,Kingsgrove or view our range online Online orders please use voucher code REGO2014 to take advantage of the discount.


Small Sided Games

Roselands FC has introduced Small Sided Games as directed by Football NSW.

Benefits of Small-sided games;
• more touches of the ball
• more shots on goal
• repeated decision-making experience
• the ball is in play far more often
• the emphasis is on player development rather than winning or losing
• more 1 v 1 attacking situations
• the game is easier to understand
• freedom of expression - no positions in early stages
• children enjoy the progressive and sequential game formats.

For further information regarding SSG please follow this link the Football NSW's official SSG website: FNSW SSG Information and on our site SSG

Hot Weather Policies

With hot weather forecast over the following weeks Football NSW provides the following Hot Weather Guidelines to all clubs and associations of Football NSW:

In accordance with duty of care and SMA Policy & Guidelines, Football NSW recommends that:

Games and training involving adults should be postponed or cancelled at 37 degrees C.

Games and training involving children should be postponed or cancelled at 32

degrees C.

•Hot Weather Policy

•Hot Weather Guidlines

•Hot Weather Heat Stress

•Hot Weather Beat he Heat

Sports Taping

NSW Sport and Recreation is currently running sports taping workshops for all your coaches, trainers, administrators, players and parents.

Sports Taping is a popular workshop which aims to provide knowledge and skills for a safe sporting arena. 'Elasto Strapsmart' covers:

  • Beginner techniques
  • Practical advice about strapping athletes
  • Ankles
  • Fingers
  • Thumbs.

The 'Advanced Sports Taping' (pre-requisite: Elasto Strapsmart) course covers:

  • Extensive knowledge on sports taping and prevention of injury
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Foot
  • Shin
  • Elbow injuries.

Please click on the followng link for more information or to make a booking:

The workshops are conducted by qualified physiotherapists for a fee, with all tape, certificate and manual supplied.

To make bookings, simply follow the link or call 13 13 02 and a client service consultant will be happy to assist you.

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Football NSW Launches 'Project 22'

Football NSW is proud to launch 'Project 22', the implementation of an elite player development system aimed at producing future Socceroos and Matildas who will potentially compete at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Fact Sheet Media Release Backgrounder

While the data contained in this website has been formulated with all due care, Roselands FC AKA Roselands Raptors Soccer Footbal Club & OreoGrafix™ do not warrant or represent that the data is free from errors or omission and takes no responsibility for any use of data provided

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Please be advised the hours of operation for the Clubhouse is 18:00-19:30 (6:00pm-7:30pm) Wednesdays. All other times please contact an EC member if you require any information. In the event of the park being closed due to wet weather, the club house may not be attended. Alternativly you can also use our enquiry form from the contacts page.

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Club Policies

As part of the overall general rules it is important
everyone is familiar with our club policies. These
can be found by browsing through the Documents Link on the left and above menu bar.

Save Our Surfaces

Soccer NSW have produced a flyer which includes some hints on how coaches can help to maintain the quality of our playing fields.The flyer can be downloaded here:

Look Out

Parents!! please note as the season progresses we will progressively have earlier twilight times at Bennett Park during training. With less light, visibility is greatly reduced, and the carpark is full of children who may not always behave safely and predictably.Please slow down to accommodate these safety concerns, and watch out, kids about! Being on-time for training (or leaving quickly afterwards) is not important enough to justify risking our childrens' lives.

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